Virtual Experience Reimagined: A Quantum Feat

Mel is jumping into 2021 with both feet, after what might have appeared as a sudden hiatus at the end of 2020 where I was “Missing in Action.” Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Mel was doing what she does best: giving her FULL EFFORT to a valued client. I am just now resurfacing after a colossally intense, nine-week commitment producing a mega four-day track, virtual SKO event for our longtime client Varonis (Nasdaq: VRNS)

After almost a decade of working with this cybersecurity unicorn, I must admit that this year’s SKO truly pushed our technology storytelling to bold new heights: 3D animation; video & sound production; almost 800 ppt slide designs; and a crush of countless all-nighters. We powered on, fueled by our passion for perfection and our drive to create transcendent experiences. The result of all this tireless, pit-bull tenacity is that we have successfully reshaped how we communicate a global company’s strategic priorities and transformed their digital experience.

I was humbled yet happy and proud to be asked to work on a project of this magnitude. And yes I hustled, side-by-side, with the Varonis C-suite team. I powered through, day and night, consistently pushing the team, refining their messaging, and ultimately delivering the highest caliber work.

The culmination of all this Herculean effort, the pièce de résistance, was the powerful and brilliant communication of technology stories, including strategic priorities, financial reports, product/technology roadmap, on down to sales kits. We executed like a classical conductor masterfully directing an electrifying orchestra. Every piece was intertwined. The challenge was to give the full measure of precision, balance and flow to the what’s, why’s, how’s and where’s, ensuring the didactic voice of every element of content, empowering it to delight, engage and educate viewers. This was essentially a quantum triumph of great strategic planning and impeccable execution.

I reflect on my humble beginnings with Varonis. I began working with them in 2012. In 2014, they went IPO at $21.00 per share. Today, VRNS share value hovers at $182. That is more than an accomplishment. That is quite a Quantum journey, and I am proud to be an integral part of that trajectory.