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The Elevation of Maspira Groupe's New Brand Experience

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

While COVID-19 has most of the world in a state of global reset, that does not mean that this moment in time is a period of inactivity. On the contrary, so much is happening, and there has never been a better time to create opportunities to build a better world, and improve not only our own lives, but the lives of people everywhere. This is especially true for those who have the great fortune to not be among the 60 million unemployed citizens of this country. This blessing must be our mandate to think bigger, love greater, and work harder. 

And so, I've been keeping myself extremely productive, balancing my need to be quiet and reflective – using my mantra meditation to keep my mind clear and sharp, with my need to be in constant motion creating, building, producing, and offering the world the best of myself. My desire is that my efforts will help shape a better world for my children and all our future generations. Yes, this tempest of purpose and process emanates from just one person -- ME. I am aware that I am a speck in this vast universe, and yet, I am also an integral part of this world. My intentions and actions impact and transform everything around me. Picture it. We are like dancing dominoes! We are all connected. Because I am conscious of this, I am mindful of my every word and action, as every thought will manifest. I feel connected to all sentient beings and all that is, and have a relentless drive to be a force for good.

My search for the meaning behind interconnectedness, the universe, quantum mechanics, mathematics, theoretical physics, and the science behind music led me to the works of Douglas Hofstadter, Michio Kaku, Lisa Randall, and David Bohm. It rekindled my love for design and architecture -- M.C.Escher and Daniel Libeskin. This "hobby" of mine has afforded me honorary residence in the house of nerds. One weekend, a girlfriend wanted me to join her for a "social distance" happy hour and I refused because I was in the midst of correlating the last two decades of business transformation methodologies with Michio Kaku's research on string theory. I was trying to figure out WHY 99% of the projects/clients we take on transition into extremely successful and profitable companies. How does a team as small as mine deliver such massive and lasting impact? I behaved like a mad music conductor/ scientist -- trying to understand the WHY's and the HOW's behind every client/project success. And I wanted the world to visualize and be transported by our process and dedication. My mind recounted a client once saying, “Mel is like a music conductor. She doesn't just play a note...she is putting a symphony together for you -- a world class masterpiece.” 

Our new Maspira Groupe website redesign is an exploration of interconnection and impact. It conveys that in the business universe, the “idea” represents a point of origin that connects to other ideas. Momentum adds layers, patterns and dimensionality, and interactions may establish complex bonding structures. Variations in the environment can shift paradigms and alter or propel business progression. Dynamic forces prompt evolution, expansion and change. These can be planned for, strategized, observed and experienced through deep, dimensional dives into the multiple planes of innovation, business design, and brand strategy: from wireframe, to low fidelity, to high fidelity. We help businesses move to the next level of understanding through our dimensional axis of relative insights. From the molecular to the dense, from compression to expansion, the website serves as a guide to the business universe, where businesses/brands can chart their transition to a continuum of success and actualized potential.

And so I invite you to check out this first phase of our launch. We have so much more to offer you, but as your conductor, let me entice you with this prelude, this alluring beginning of the first string....

Love -- your mad "scientist,"


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