BELAY Case Study: Strong Leadership Requires Strong Support

A benchmark of a great leader is being honest with one's self and admitting when help is needed. I remember the moment I realized that I required additional support in order to sustain the level of productivity and exceptional work that I was producing. I knew I needed a teammate to help restore balance in my days; to manage my time, so that I could continue to excel in what I do best: create, design, and innovate for some of the most impactful brands in the world. 

In the end, Belay (a virtual assistant staffing company and remote work specialist) paired me with a virtual assistant within weeks of our first conversation. Almost a year later, the partnership with my VA is going strong, so much so that I've been featured as a Belay Success Story!

Case Study: Mel Lim

Mel Lim is the founder and CEO of Maspira Groupe, which, over the last 15 years, has helped some of the world’s greatest companies create sustainable, profitable growth through innovation. From private equity to Fortune 500, their expertise is both broad and deep, spanning a vast set of sectors, industries, regions, and offerings.

The Challenge

As an award-winning global growth strategist and serial entrepreneur, Mel Lim stays busy – and keeps a countless rotation of irons in the fire.

Because beyond being the founder and CEO of the Maspira Groupe, her international background in architecture design strategy has propelled her success as an author, prominent keynote speaker, and member of several advisory boards.

She has, essentially, built her brand on the premise of crafting innovative experiences through mindfulness.

But at times, her growing success precluded her from b