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Quantum Valentine

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

My heart would yawn to skip a beat.

It thrills at taking quantum leaps.

Mind, heart and consciousness collide

to accelerate my wild ride

of high speed, energetic vision.

And yet I love simplicity:

running, laughing and playing with my boys,

reading, meditating, and turning down the noise,

comfy clothes, smoothies, cleanliness and peace,

painting, dreaming, warmth and softness like plush fleece,

Sipping a boba, armchair cuddles with my pup,

these are the pleasures that fill my heart and cup ––

my quiet eccentricity.

In truth, they are the profits of my purpose,

the rewarding ends to my means:

my reason to powerhouse and shatter limits,

set new bars and strategize,

rule break, stay awake, hustle and grind it,

persevere and keep my eyes on the prize,

dismiss things surface, trite, pretentious and fake,

expand capabilities and master my craft,

champion integrity and learn from mistakes,

unfurl my sails and achieve fore and aft,

because when we don’t let obstacles or fear usurp us

we create a better world for all living beings.

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