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How "Redefining Luxury" Advanced Legacy and Elevated Experience in an Affluent and Aware World


  • Guide London Jewelers’s marketing, leadership and management teams to cohesively and effectively address challenges and craft a comprehensive strategic master plan that has high vision for the future while maintaining a 95 year-old family legacy and rich history

  • Redefine the messaging of "luxury" in accordance to social, environmental, and cultural values in a global economy while strengthening the deep, long-lasting relationships with the world's most exclusive brands

  • Activate internal and external messaging through high-touch experiences that embody the London Jewelers's brand pillars, attributes, experience and essence

  • Promote an experience of exclusivity and delight with approachability, professionalism, clarity, aspiration and class


  • Created empowering and elegant approaches to activating London Jewelers’ brand experience at both a high level and a granular, seasonal level

  • Developed “strategies of delight” to create memorable brand experiences internally and externally that feel curated, crafted, personalized, rare and exclusive.

  • Redefined and refined London Jewelers’ brand with strong narratives for the brand story, pillars, vision, attributes, promise, voice and tone, and experience.

  • Developed sensory comparisons to help define and articulate London Jewelers’ characteristics/attributes of enriching through artistic excellence, enthralling through immersive 360º experience, and delivering attentive service, exclusive selection and a heritage of prestige.

Experience: Heritage, Luxury, Service 

For four generations, London Jewelers has led the luxury jewelry industry in the United States and perhaps the world. Home to the most crafted collection of fine jewelry and watches in the world, this family owned jewelry house has been achieving milestones and setting industry standards while honoring traditions and shaping its legacy. With more than 90 prestigious brands from which discerning clients may select, this one-of-a-kind luxury experience honors the deep, long-lasting relationships it has forged with the world’s most exclusive brands and values the trust and integrity afforded it by both its exclusive customers and global brand partners.


The Long Island-based luxury jeweler recognized that global luxury brands now compete in a hyper-connected world where the demand for life’s finest things is felt across Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Japan, China and the United States. In this new world, affluent customers gravitate toward brands that compete on a collaborative landscape of organic alliances with influencers, artists, innovators and visionaries. Mel Lim and her team were hired to assist London Jewelers with crafting an insightful vision for competing in a globally connected world, and with redefining and remessaging the brand to boost approachability, escalate eloquence, and enhance the luxury experience.


Expert at discerning a brand’s aspirations, inspired by legacy brands that value long-lasting relationships, and completely at home in the luxury space, Mel Lim began by conducting a comprehensive brand analysis. She identified London Jewelers’ brand values, redefined its key messages, and strategized ways to activate the brand’s vision, voice, attributes and promise both internally and externally. Echoing London Jeweler’s brand essence of splendor, rare refinements and exquisite experiences, Mel Lim created exclusive, one-of-a-kind “Style Boxes of Delight.” Each exquisitely crafted, thematically curated box was immersed in mystique, reflecting tonal qualities that embodied the essence of luxury and thoughtful gifting. The activation strategy called for a strategic collaboration with an appropriate fashion influencer. The result would be accelerated brand awareness and revenue growth. To truly experience London Jewelers would be to experience luxury, exclusivity, art, culture, mastery, mystique, allure and delight.


Positioning London Jewelers as a transformative brand that invites guests into immersive 360º experiences filled with dazzling enrichment, a luxurious atmosphere, exceptional service, and aspirational affluence, Mel Lim and her team gave London Jewelers strategies for cultivating long-lasting relationships. Our sensories encode our experiences. Fine fragrances, and delicate flavors and textures that entice the senses and alert the body’s intelligence touch the lives of customers, team members and global partners. Each person becomes integral to the brand’s celebrations and traditions, and positive memories of extraordinary and joyful experiences are masterfully implanted.


The mindful selection of key collaborators – artists, innovators, visionaries, alliances and associations – would help London Jewelers drive cultural change, set trends, and extend its reach beyond Manhasset. Mel Lim felt that the company could grow its digital connectivity and reach audiences that would otherwise be inaccessible. London Jewelers could garner great press and media opportunities via multiple channels and platforms. Lim and her team developed a brand messaging activation map to help roll out each season’s interpretation of the London Jewelers’ “experience.” Mel Lim’s compelling, sophisticated designs, 360º luxury experiences, and their indulgent mode of delivery would make London Jewelers both the industry’s “Platinum Standard” and the “Talk of the Town.”


Brand Strategy

Maspira Groupe conducted a three-day workshop sprint that encompassed a review of London Jewelers’s business model, a market analysis of trends, users and customer journey maps, brand strategy development, brand activation steps, communication strategy, a review of channels and customer relationship flows, and an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, and trends. Many initiatives were discussed. Maspira Groupe recommended that London Jewelers commit to at least two initially and execute them in order to create positive change internally within the company and in consumer behavior and mindset toward the brand.


Activation & Amplification





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