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Business Design




Precise action and unified effort are hallmarks of winning teams. We help businesses navigate evolving market conditions, challenges and opportunities, with all their gradients and juxtapositions, by stressing the importance of collaboration from the top down. It’s similar to the intense sport of Rowing which requires strength, stamina, and the transcendent ability of each rower to release their ego and intuitively synch with the crew so they move as one body. In that almost mystical oneness, they slice swiftly through the water toward their goal. Companies too grow exponentially when everyone aligns their capabilities and effort, honors the bond of shared trust, and acts precisely and decisively as one unified organization.



Typically, defining the multi-dimensional aspects of business – design, strategy, vision, values, culture, purpose, partners, products, channels, etc. – requires the collaborative work of the entire leadership team. This inclusive, unified approach to foundational decision-making ultimately drives and optimizes the business model internally (culture) and externally (globally).

Our program is crafted for managers, leaders and stakeholders who make strategic decisions, who want to inspire innovation and drive accelerated growth, and who care to better serve their internal teams, customers/clients, and communities.

Each leader’s role is unique, as is their desire to optimize business dimensionally, integrating bold and insightful ideas. Each phase of the innovation roadmap requires these individuals to respectively visualize, forecast, assume, explore, observe, empathize, analyze, define, experiment, test, connect, inspire and problem solve.



Articulate Goals

Articulate CHIEF objective and why it's important

Strategic Priorities

Clearly define the company's three (3) top strategic priorities, its primary focus, and its capital/resource allocation.

Internal Core Values

Define the company's Core Values & Core Purpose. Validate findings during initial inquiries.

Internal Assessment

Assess your internal strengths and weaknesses: identify what has worked in the past; cite what has not worked in the past; discern what is working currently; list the top three (3) accomplishments and failures in the last three (3) years; and identify the top actionable changes (only three (3) max.). 

Market Cap & Core Customer

Understand what your customers care about, and how and why they buy. Develop core competencies around customer use cases. 

Strategic Differentiator

Map attributes/initiatives that will support Strategic Priorities. Battle-test against Internal Core. 


Strategic Road Map

Establish key milestones for implementing your company’s strategy over the next three years.

Activity Mapping

Outline your unique and interconnected set of operational activities.

Brand Promise & Guarantee 

Define three (3) actionable initiatives you are willing to stand behind and deliver in order to motivate purchasing decisions. Battle test against competition and Internal Core. Validate initial findings and existing framework.


Define that ONE key X-factor, and how to potentially maximize the advantage over your competition. Clarify the leading edge thought that translates into best-in-class innovation.

Brand & Communications Strategy

Validate initial findings against Strategic Priorities. Formulate Internal & External Communications Plan. Identify a means of articulation, and measurements for effectiveness and scalability. (This is a high-level session.)

Execution & Alignment

Clarify Who, What, When (WWW) and define conversion metrics. Assess accountability and processes at a global scale. 


Explore this opportunity to bring motivation, alignment, and collaborative decision making to your company’s leadership team. Create the unified flow that empowers growth and success.


Neato Robotics planned to unveil its next generation of intelligent robot vacuums on a global stage at the 2020 IFA Press Conference in Berlin—a pinnacle moment for our company. We turned to Maspira Groupe to help create this important keynote presentation and help bring our story to life. The resulting product completely captured the story we wished to tell, but also caused us to look deeper at our brand and better define our core values and differentiators. Working under minimal direction and guidance, Maspira Groupe zeroed in on the design target and delivered excellence on a fast-paced turnaround. Thank you for helping us present our story to the world.


Kriselle Laran

Global Head of Communications


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