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Spring Break Party On Mars


As creators of experiences and technology storytellers, Maspira Groupe focuses on three strategic priorities:

  1. Invest in impactful, meaningful endeavors;

  2. Use technology and creativity to design endeavors that reach people in innovative ways; and

  3. Grow in sustainable and responsible ways, both environmentally and socially.


We embarked on this journey, pushing ourselves to redefine terms like "VIRTUAL" and "CONNECT" by assessing ways to innovate and inspire:

Reimagining meeting environments –

  • Expand beyond the conventional reality of the Zoom virtual space and create new immersive virtual experiences, other worlds, where some version of ourselves can walk up to another virtual person and say “Hi!”

Exploring new products and opportunities –

  • Create product demos that inspire learning.

  • Offer corporate swags that are amazing original, beautiful, coveted NFTs.

  • Test concept ideas (flying, self-driving, and cool concept cars) within metaverses and even own the digital products designed and tested within this sophisticated simulation tool.

Creating alternative realities –

  • Reimagine our worlds and create virtual campuses for corporations where employees can move freely along the halls 24/7, compete to gain traction on the leaderboard, and empower themselves with product training.

Mel Lim, CEO of Maspira Groupe

Remember back in the 90s when everyone was still debating whether or not to build websites? Well, soon enough, every company will have a metaverse of its own
—a digital version of itself.


The Ethereal Hall


A virtual space knows no limits, and is amused by scientific theory. Like the quantum world, it knows no “laws” but only infinite landscapes of mathematical possibility. In a virtual space, we can defy gravity and consume video content while we stand above water. We can sit on Unicorns and enjoy a PowerPoint presentation. We can watch a streaming video while floating 100ft above the ground. If you can dream it, it can be.

At Futurum Metaverse, Maspira Groupe electrified participants with the exponential possibilities of virtual events. Our trip to the Metaverse highlighted the benefits of VR forums:

  • Engaging/educational/informative;

  • Participants can have full autonomy;

  • Content can be gamified;

  • and lots more...

Maspira Groupe is delighted to SHOW you the limitless potential of your next virtual experience.


It's as though I'm sitting next to you and we are having a 'real' conversation and I'm able to give you a hug and do a webinar together!


As experience designers, we sometimes forget that OUR role extends FAR BEYOND delivering content (whether educational, informative, or entertaining) and a clearly defined Call-To-Action (CTA).
These are the BASICS:

Content = Engaging - √; CTA’s = Clearly Defined - √; Event Goals = Met - √

Now we innovate. We go to the deepest realms of our creativity and deliver a seamless, sensational experience. It should be beautiful, exhilarating, high-touch, totally immersive, and phenomenally memorable.

We leave audiences completely inspired.
They only want MORE.
YOUR BRAND experience is now part of them.

Why host a mediocre event? Throw a magnificent one!


The Astro Lounge



As usual, Mel and her team delivers one of the most memorable event that is SEXY, beautiful, and simply out-of-this-world! 


Your new playbook should include autonomy, flexibility, creativity, and imagination. Any company that is truly about “innovation” ought to embody these traits, go where no thought leadership has gone before, and create completely phenomenal brand experiences.


Provide us with your contact information and a brief message to let us know how you would like to participate in upcoming Futurum Forum events.


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