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In the spring of 2020, a small discussion about how to bring hope and optimism to the world during a time of unprecedented change, global challenge and shifting paradigms transformed practically overnight into this spectacular virtual summit we call the Futurum Forum. Equipped with the very real awareness that “we are all in this together,” leaders, thinkers, dreamers and executives across all industries around the globe come together to pool ideas and talents, and develop actionable strategies and blueprints for a world reimagined. When ideas, no matter how small, are illuminated through altruism and driven by heart-centered purpose, they can ignite great change in the world.

Tricia Sciortino
CEO of Belay, Panel Speaker

Thank you for hosting such an empowering event last week at Futurum Forum. It was an honor to participate in the collaboration among a dynamic group of thought leaders. It is events such as Futurum Forum that inspire the positive ideas and actions of a better future.


We have been given a moment unlike any in history. COVID-19 has put us in a global pause. As we take a conscious and mindful inventory, we see the raw truth of our interconnectedness and the need to recognize, respect and empower one another on a global scale. In this time of quantum evolution, we must re-envision, recalibrate and redirect our collective journey. By uniting our hearts, minds, skills, innovation, curiosity, consciousness and compassion, we can co-create a healthier, happier, more equitable and sustainable world.


Futurum Forum is for leaders, innovators, dreamers, culture keepers and change agents everywhere who recognize the global imperative for immediate, collaborative action to take us to the next level of living together on this planet. This forum is for people who want to create compassionate, innovative and sustainable strategies that transmute the imbalances, inequities, and vulnerabilities across global societies, advance the health, education and wellbeing of all humanity, and ensure the vibrant health of our planet and all its species.

Jaahred Thomas
Venture Capitalist and Founding Partner of Connectivity Ventures, Panel Speaker

Thank you Mel and the team at Maspira Groupe for an amazing event! What a great group of panelists led by interesting and thoughtful Q&A. I only wish we had more time! It was an honor to be a part of this inaugural session and I very much look forward to the next. 



As a Speaker/Facilitator

We invite the participation of leaders and visionaries around the globe as we share ideas on mindfully creating a healthier, happier world with a sustainable framework. Let us know if you are interested in speaking or facilitating a virtual roundtable.

As a Strategic Partner

Apply to join our community where insights and innovations are shared and networking opportunities are catalyzed. We value common ground for the greater good, and look for ways to combine strengths, skills and methodologies to help expand the reach of great ideas that empower people and the planet.

As An Executive Cohort

If you have attended a Futurum Forum event and would like to continue the conversation with other participants, join our LinkedIn networking group. Keep the momentum and flow of actionable ideas moving. Our collective vision shapes the future.  


Provide us with your contact information and a brief message to let us know how you would like to participate in upcoming Futurum Forum events.