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Defining The

New Normal


The time is NOW to gather and envision a new world. This is a rallying cry to summon thinkers, dreamers, innovators, business and tech leaders across all industries, and servants to humanity and the planet.



  • 4 Panelists + 1 Moderator

  • 19 Roundtables

  • 45-Min Executive Roundtable

  • 100 Leaders, CEOs, Thinkers, Creators



  • Don't expect the world to go back to normal anytime soon; the moment and situation are fluid, and there's much we don't know. We shouldn't spend too much time thinking about returning normal either; allocate your mental energy to what you're doing now and how to get through the immediate days/weeks.

  • Since we will not be going back to the normal we used to know, it's time to evolve during this impactful time. As business leaders and as humans, if we don't evolve and grow, we run the risk of becoming obsolete. Take steps to be relevant to prevent from becoming irrelevant. Be prepared for when life opens up and the era of the New Normal begins.

  • Many established small businesses are back to startup mode. In that process, it's okay to ask for help. Throw out ideas. Approach with fearlessness, resistance, persistence, and grit. Exercise deep inner-reflection to find purpose once again. Perhaps it will lead to what the pivot should be.

  • Venture capitalists are still investing, but are handling more triage and support at the moment. There are still opportunities for investment, but the approach is thoughtful and careful. In the Future of Work, favored investments areas included distributed workforce and remote work. Moving forward, work will be even more connected through tech.


It was great being at the conference you arranged today. It was a very interesting and useful panel discussion, and amazing opportunity to be creating and thinking about this new world! Thank you for arranging this.

Short Term:

  • Hunker down and "stop the bleeding"; deploy "hold-the-line" tactics. Look at resources vs. change of strategy

  • Draft a 4-week plan vs. a 13-week plan

  • Review loans and grants; analyze cash-flow and personnel

  • Increase visibility, transparency, and cadence with your team

  • Maintain your health and mental fitness

  • Give yourself compassion during this time, and try to manage the current dissonance with grace and gratitude

Alička Pistek, Forum Facilitator

Attending the inaugural Futurum Forum, organized by Mel Lim, was an uplifting, inspiring event. The dynamic, engaging and optimistic conversations reflected the passion and humanity of the attendees. I came away with new insights on how to reimagine, build and create a world where meaningful, positive change is possible.

Long Term:

  • Analyze sustainability; adjust budgets and spending; plan for rebounds

  • Consider those you are serving and find a way to increase or improve your quality of service

  • Create new services. Explore potential new markets to fill.

  • Help create a more connected community of employees and customers

  • Business models can/will change again— perhaps in maybe two months or 18 months—so be adaptable

  • Stay sharp. Welcome complexity and chaos, and meet them with agility and perseverance. You have to be agile as things change, day-by-day. And don't give up.

Mel Lim
CEO of Maspira Groupe,
Co-Founder of Brown Girl Disrupt
Jaahred Thomas
Venture Capitalist, Founding
Partner of Connectivity Ventures
Tracey Lloys
Iraqi War Veteran, Retail Guru,
Co-Founder of Brown Girl Disrupt
Angela Yeh
CEO of Yeh Ideology
Amy Mahjoory
Investor, Author, TV Personality
Malcolm Mitchell
NFL Super Bowl Champion, Author, Philantrophist
Andrea Herrera
Founder of Amazing Edibles, EO Global Leadership
Debra Chen
Founder of The Great Fail
Priscilla Rose
Futurist & Leadership Coach
Tricia Sciortino
CEO of Belay
Dr. Mark Szabo
Director, Insights & Engagement
Alicka Pistek
Writer & Publishing Expert


Our speakers have all agreed to contribute their time, insights, and expertise on what it's like to build, create, and reimagine new lives, new organizations, and new business models. They will share their significant personal journeys, including their traumas and crisis, and how each and every failure led them to their successes. We will learn how each has created their own personal metric of success, and how these metrics have now been tested during these unprecedented times for humanity.



Back To The Basics. Presentation by Dr. Mark Szabo


Overcome Obstacles Through Creativity by Angela Yeh


The BELAY Guide to Working From Home from Tricia Sciortino


Just wanted to thank you again for today's session. It was great to connect with such brilliant minds. Keep the fire burning.


As a Speaker/Facilitator

We invite the participation of leaders and visionaries around the globe as we share ideas on mindfully creating a healthier, happier world with a sustainable framework. Let us know if you are interested in speaking or facilitating a virtual roundtable.


Provide us with your contact information and a brief message to let us know how you would like to participate in upcoming Futurum Forum events.

As a Strategic Partner

Apply to join our community where insights and innovations are shared and networking opportunities are catalyzed. We value common ground for the greater good, and look for ways to combine strengths, skills and methodologies to help expand the reach of great ideas that empower people and the planet.


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